Jerry England is the founder of Lone-Wuff Defense.  As a former law enforcement officer and self defense instructor he has spent hundreds of hours learning self defense techniques that can be easily taught and readily used on the street.  Jerry has traveled all over the country teaching law enforcement and civilians alike how easy it is to use something as simple as a key chain to defend yourself effectively. 

Jerry’s four hour class, “Key Chain Self Defense” which is taught from his book of the same title, is a hands on class, along with a lecture on situational awareness and being prepared for anything life can throw at you.  You will learn simple techniques that will ward off even the most determined attacker.  After the class students are given a copy of Jerry’s book and the key chain they learned with. 

There is a basic class and an advanced class (more developed for law enforcement or people in higher risk situations).  The basic class has been taught to people as young as seven (with their parents in the class) and one student in his eighties.  Several people with handicaps have taken the class and the techniques were easy for them to adapt to and learn.  You do not need any martial arts skills and you will not be injured in the class even though the techniques are taught hands on.


Self-defense techniques you can easily learn in less than four hours that will give you confidence and allow you to live your life without fear.  You no longer need to be the victim.

For additional information about “Key Chain Self Defense” classes contact Lone-Wuff Defense by email or phone.

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